• The Whale Who Wanted More

The Whale Who Wanted More

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A stunning undersea tale of friendship, community and discovery from the bestselling creators of The Lion Inside.

Under glittering waves of a vast ocean blue, a beautiful world is hidden from view.
And there, in the cool and the quiet of the deep, a great, gentle giant was stirring from sleep . . .

Humphrey the whale is on a quest: to find the one perfect object that will make him feel complete. He roams far and wide, gathering endless undersea treasure as he goes. Yet, no matter how many goodies he accumulates, Humphrey still doesn't feel content. Could it be friendship, not possessions, that will 
really make Humphrey's heart sing?

A sparkling rhyming tale that encourages sharing and kindness, this heartwarming story of friendship is perfect for reading aloud.

Размери 0.150kg (23cm x 30cm)
Категория Книги на английски език /  Children's books /  Storybooks /  Книги на английски / 
Код: 0240.349229
ISBN/Barcode: 9781408349229
Производител: ORCHARD BOOKS
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