• Elizabeth the Queen : The most intimate biography of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Elizabeth the Queen : The most intimate biography of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

  • Автор:Sally Bedell Smith
    Година на издаване:2017
    Език: Английски
    Корица: Paperback
    Страници: 720


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Queen. Mother. Servant. Friend. This is the most intimate portrait of our longest serving monarch, an inspiration to her country: Queen Elizabeth II.

Get to know the real Elizabeth in the definitive biography from the bestselling British Royal Family writer

We knew her as the Queen. But she was so much more.

Playing with her children at the Palace, crawling on her stomach to stalk deer, donning yellow Marigolds to wash up after Balmoral cookouts; this was Queen Elizabeth going about her daily life. Performing a duty she cherished. Serving a nation she loved.

In this, the first all-round, up-close picture of her remarkable life, readers finally get meet the real Queen. With exclusive access to her personal letters, close friends and associates, this intimate biography is a treasure trove of insights on her public persona and private life.

In these pages we have the honour of meeting the leader, strategist, and diplomat; the daughter, wife, mother and grandmother - Elizabeth the Queen.

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  • Sally Bedell Smith
  • Поредица
  • Автор Sally Bedell Smith
    Година на издаване 2017
    Език Английски
    Корица Paperback
    Страници 720
    Размери 0.537kg (13cm x 20cm)
    Категория Книги на английски език /  Biography, Memoir /  History & Politics /  Книги на английски / 
    Код: 0240.16444
    ISBN/Barcode: 9781405932165
    Производител: PENGUIN BOOKS
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