• The Changing Mind

The Changing Mind

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    3.91 (129 ratings by Goodreads)
  • Автор:Daniel Levitin
    Година на издаване:2021
    Език: Английски
    Корица: Paperback
    Страници: 528


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We have long been encouraged to think of old age as synonymous with a decline in skills. Yet recent studies show that our decision making improves as we age, and our happiness levels peak in our eighties. What really happens to our brains as we get older?

In The Changing Mind, neuroscientist, psychologist and internationally bestselling author Daniel Levitin invites us to dramatically shift our understanding of aging, demonstrating its many cognitive benefits. He draws on cutting-edge research to offer realistic guidelines and practical cognition-enhancing tricks for everyone to follow during every decade of their life, and show us what we all can learn from those who age joyously.

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  • Daniel Levitin
  • Поредица
  • Автор Daniel Levitin
    Година на издаване 2021
    Език Английски
    Корица Paperback
    Страници 528
    Размери 0.362kg (13cm x 20cm)
    Категория Книги на английски език /  Popular Psychology /  Книги на английски / 
    Код: 0240.16355
    ISBN/Barcode: 9780241379400
    Производител: PENGUIN BOOKS
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