• MONOCLE November 2017, Issue 108

MONOCLE November 2017, Issue 108

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MONOCLE November 2017, Issue 108

Design special. E-bikes get traction, shared workspace goes corporate, and the baker as urban hero.

Q&A – Martino di Napoli Rampolla
Martino di Napoli Rampolla tells us more about the idea, as well as his plans for Numeroventi’s future.

Editor's letter
Our editor in chief has a question: why can’t hoteliers preserve that which helped them build their business in the first place, rather than change things for the worse?

The opener
An age-old old-age option for slowing traffic, Zьrich’s booming techno scene, an ode to Lisbon airport and absurdly esoteric business cards: we run down the timeliest tidbits from around the globe.

Crying the blues
In spite of an ever-changing sonic landscape, this Alabama juke joint remains a spirited social institution and a perfect setting in which to sing the blues.

Image conscious
Vienna’s city council is doing a Google and mobile-mapping its streets. The mission? Use public space and get rid of old sweet machines.

Behind the scenes
Ruben Ostlund couldn’t create his idiosyncratic – and award-winning – films without his trusted team. From make-up artist to sound engineer, they’re the backbone of the creative process.

Past lives
The Missoni designer looks to the past for inspiration as she drives her family brand forward.

Line of defence
With Russia and China causing concern, the US and Iceland are strengthening their ties – and their firepower.

She who dares, wins
Digital innovation and streamlined services have made Estonia one of Europe’s most welcoming countries. Here the president discusses her nation’s winning streak – and its difficult neighbour.

Politics briefing
How do you do foreign affairs when nobody recognises your country? Plus: why the US is in the year of the infallible mayor.

Diplomacy briefing
A Norwegian aid airlift, the UN’s man in South Sudan and why hurricane season has reinvigorated Puerto Rico’s statehood bid.

Defence briefing
Colombia’s defence minister on post-Farc security, Turkey’s pilot shortage, a game-changing water vessel and what’s in a name for the Royal Canadian navy’s ships.

Over the rainbow
It’s been more than two decades since South Africa’s first democratic election and, while corruption allegations persist, there is some blue sky peeking through the clouds.

Up in the heavens
When the Coptic pope headed to Melbourne, it was about more than tending the flock: he had a skyscraper deal to celebrate.

Monocle preview: November issue, 2017 from Monocle Films on Vimeo.

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