Business & Economics

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Work Like a Woman

Цена: 23.99 лв

What the CEO Wants You to Know

Цена: 16.99 лв

Unsafe Thinking: How to be Creative and Bold When You Need It Most

Цена: 18.99 лв

This is Marketing : You Can't Be Seen Until You Learn To See

Цена: 29.99 лв

The Unfair Advantage : How You Already Have What It Takes to Succeed

Цена: 29.99 лв

The Ultimate Sales Book

Цена: 31.99 лв

The Ultimate Marketing & PR Book

Цена: 31.99 лв

The Ultimate Management Book

Цена: 31.99 лв

The Ultimate Finance Book

Цена: 31.99 лв

The Three Rules : How Exceptional Companies Think

Цена: 17.99 лв

The Tao of Coaching : Boost Your Effectiveness at Work by Inspiring and Developing Those Around You

Цена: 19.99 лв

The Success Code

Цена: 21.99 лв

The Personal MBA

Цена: 29.99 лв

The Monk of Mokha

Цена: 19.99 лв

The Man Who Solved the Market

Цена: 39.99 лв

The Madness of Crowds

Цена: 45.99 лв

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Business & Economics
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