• How Not to Kill Your House Plant

How Not to Kill Your House Plant

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  • Автор:Veronica Peerless
    Година на издаване:2017
    Език: Английски
    Корица: Hardcover
    Страници: 144


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How Not to Kill Your Houseplant is your guide to every stage of plant parenting for beginners, from identifying exactly what's in the pot, to helping it flourish and grow. If you wonder what the crispy bits at the leaf edges are, why the stalks are looking spindly, or why your plant looks brown even though you've watered it, How Not to Kill Your Houseplant will explain - and fix - your horticultural woes. Understand how much light, water, heat, and humidity your plant needs with quick tips on what your houseplant does and doesn't like. Learn to spot the danger signs and how to rescue an unhealthy plant, and follow easy advice to pick the top plants for your bathroom, cold rooms, desk, and windowsill to create your own indoor oasis.
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  • Veronica Peerless
  • Поредица
  • Автор Veronica Peerless
    Година на издаване 2017
    Език Английски
    Корица Hardcover
    Страници 144
    Размери 0.450kg (19cm x 16cm)
    Категория Книги /  Книги на английски език /  Gardening / 
    Код: 234.1103
    ISBN/Barcode: 9780241302170
    Производител: DORLING KINDERSLEY
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