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Holistic Society

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    How to live in harmony with the planet and with each other? Which is the best way to meet the global challenges of today?

    Philosophers, political scientists, world leaders and many other people are looking for answers of these crucial questions. Every generation formulates its ideas, has its hopes and is searching for the next step of building a more just social order. According to the author of this book, society which implements the holistic model will find the way to peace and common prosperity! Every social problem is a result of application of a particular social model. If we aim that all members of society have the right to receive conditions for harmonious development, we should structure it in a way that relationships between all subjects are influencing beneficially the whole environment.

    It is necessary to create a new social model which is in the service to the whole, and not further developing the old egoistic ones. This will enable us to find comprehensive solutions of the modern global challenges.

    The holistic model, on which fundament is build a holistic society, relies on the spiritual truth that every human and every other living being are significant manifestation of the Absolute.

    In this book are introduced the basic principles of functioning of new type of economy, which is not capitalistic, but a holistic one. In it the relationships are structured in a way to achieve optimal protection of the interest of humankind, animals, plants and Earth. The institute of humane restorative reaction is presented to replace, with strong arguments, the philosophy of repressive sanctioning in the criminal law.

    The holistic model is related with fundamentally different approach of social organizing, which can be applied by private organizations and by countries, which are willing to develop themselves in the service to the whole.

    Aleksandar Milanov is an Asst. Professor in Jindal Global University, a philosopher and an activist who has specialized in international space law and has developed further the concept of united humankind.

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  • Aleksandar Milanov
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  • Автор Aleksandar Milanov
    Година на издаване 2017
    Език Английски
    Корица Мека
    Националност Българска
    Страници 236
    Размери 0.460kg (14cm x 21cm)
    Категория Книги на английски език /  Psychology & Spirituality / 
    Код: 721.006
    ISBN/Barcode: 9786199083420
    Производител: New Age Citizens Foundation
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