Boutique Beer

  • Boutique Beer
    -5 %
  • Производител: JACQUI SMALL
  • Код: 932.003
  • ISBN/Barcode: 9781906417864
  • Автор:
  • Година на издаване: 2013
  • Език: English
  • Корица: Hardback with jacket
  • Страници: 224
  • Размери: 1.250kg (28cm x 22cm)
  • Книги  English Language Books  Food and drink 
  • Цена при On-Line покупка
    51.90 лв 49.31 лв

'A glass in one hand and a pen in the other, Ben's writing deftly captures the passion, humour and insight from the front line of the global craft brewing revolution.' Mikkel Borg Bjergso, Mikkeller Boutique Beers captures the people, the places and the passion that have inspired a worldwide craft brewing revolution. More than just another compendium of the globe's greatest brews, this book ventures off the well-trodden drinking path and takes the adventurous beer connoisseur deeper into the world of today's most compelling craft brewers. Celebrating both the characters at the cutting edge of the contemporary craft beer scene and the pioneers of the past that inspired them, Ben McFarland's imbibing adventure stretches from Amsterdam's Red Light District to the far reaches of the Faroe Islands via ale-making iconoclasts of Oregon, Danish gypsy brewers, some monks (obviously) and law-bending, lederhosen wearing Bavarians. There's even a guy who makes beer from his beard. The award-winning writer talks of the tales and the tastes of more than five hundred beers ranging from legendary lambics and heinously hopped India Pale Ales to sublime session brews, sexy stouts, cellar-dwelling Barley wines, funky farmhouse beers, collaboration ales, cult classics, sours and saisons, beers made with wild yeast, barrel-aged beers and more. Amusing, enlightening and absorbing, Boutique Beers belongs on the bookshelf of discerning drinkers everywhere and ensures that you'll never look at your beer in the same way again.
Допълнителна информация
Автор Ben McFarland
Година на издаване 2013
Език English
Корица Hardback with jacket
Страници 224

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