• The Runaway Pea

The Runaway Pea

  • Цена: 13.99 лв
    4.11 (28 ratings by Goodreads)
  • Автор: Kjartan Poskitt
    Година на издаване:11 Jul 2019
    Език: English
    Илюстратор:Alex Willmore
    Корица: Paperback
    Страници: 32 pages


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It's time for tea, but one pesky pea has decided to ping himself off the plate in search of a party!

The rogue pea shoots, flings and bounces across the kitchen as he embarks on his perilous adventure - but will he find the fun he is looking for or is the kitchen a scarier place than he thought?

This quirky caper from debut duo Kjartan Poskitt and Alex Willmore will show you just what can happen when you take your eye off your dinner for a second!


'A runaway success' - Philip Ardagh

'Kids will enjoy . . . Poskitt's lively rhyming verse as the pea plops, splashes, bangs and twangs his way across the kitchen' - The Observer

Допълнителна информация
  • Kjartan Poskitt
  • Поредица
  • Автор Kjartan Poskitt
    Година на издаване 11 Jul 2019
    Език English
    Илюстратор Alex Willmore
    Корица Paperback
    Страници 32 pages
    Размери 0.192kg (26cm x 26cm)
    Категория Книги /  Книги на английски език /  Children's books /  Storybooks / 
    Код: 0235.09111
    ISBN/Barcode: 9781471175251
    Производител: SIMON & SCHUSTER
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