The Secrets of Sophia Musgrove

  • The Secrets of Sophia Musgrove
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  • Производител: CORGI BOOKS
  • Код: 292.0832
  • ISBN/Barcode: 9780552558228
  • Автор:
  • Година на издаване: 2009
  • Език: English
  • Корица: 12
  • Страници: 246
  • Размери: 0.350kg (20cm x 13cm)
  • Книги  English Language Books  Romance 
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Sophia Musgrove is starting to find life a bit dull. It may look like she has everything a seventeen-year-old girl could want: beautiful houses, wealthy parents and lots of invitations to lavish parties, but Sophia wants her own adventures. Can she shake off her chaperone, Mrs. Willow, for long enough to challenge the unjust society in which she lives? What will she do if it all goes dangerously wrong? And is there still room for romance when you're trying to change the world?
Допълнителна информация
Автор Janey Louise Jones
Година на издаване 2009
Език English
Корица 12
Страници 246

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