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Who would be there for you?

As a loving wife and mother, Callie has always worked hard to provide the best life she can for her family. And as a successful family photographer, always looking for the perfect, truthful shot, she knows how lucky she is to have achieved so much.

That's something her younger sister Steffi, a free spirit, has never understood. Changing jobs and relationships frequently, Steffi hopes nothing will ever tie her down. Life, she believes, is for the taking.

However, everything changes when Callie gets unexpected news. Suddenly, she's the one in need of support. She can't do this alone. But will close friends drop everything and rally round? Will her separated parents put aside thirty years of hurt? And what about Steffi? Can Callie count on her younger sister?

As Steffi is about to discover, love is about being there when you're needed most...
Допълнителна информация
Автор Jane Green
Година на издаване 2011
Език English
Корица 12
Страници 420

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