• The Infinite Tortoise

The Infinite Tortoise

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The Infinite Tortoise: The Curious Thought Experiments of History's Great Thinkers

A clear, concise and fascinating guide to philosophical thought experiments and how they've shaped our understanding of the world. From Plato's Cave to Descartes' Demon, great thinkers have used thought experiments and paradoxes to try and work out complex ideas in the simplest way possible. Among the most famous thought experiments is Zeno's Achilles and the Tortoise: if Achilles is faster than the tortoise, why will Achilles never catch up with the tortoise when it starts ahead of him? Zeno proposes that, when Achilles reaches the point where the tortoise started the race, the tortoise will have already moved on. And as Achilles runs on to where the tortoise was last, when he reaches that point the tortoise has moved again. Therefore poor Achilles will never catch up with the tortoise as the distance he must run gets smaller and smaller and each time he has less and less time to run. Starting in Ancient Greece, Joel Levy guides us through the mind-bending world of thought experiments and their role in revealing the complexity of morality, exploring the limitations and the infinite possibilities of the human mind.
Допълнителна информация
Автор Joel Levy
Година на издаване 2016
Език Английски
Корица Hardback with jacket
Страници 192
Размери 0.330kg (20cm x 13cm)
Категория Книги /  English Language Books /  Psychology /  Книги на английски език / 
Код: 197.743
ISBN/Barcode: 9781782436379
Производител: Michael O'Mara Books

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