• MONOCLE December 2017/ January 2018, Issue 109

MONOCLE December 2017/ January 2018, Issue 109

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MONOCLE December 2017/ January 2018, Issue 109

Christmas special. Lula's comeback – exclusive interview. And we name our winning soft power nation.

Tokyo to Sendai: Discover a hidden gem of the north
Combining nature, architecture, historical sites and traditional craft, Sendai is an unsung destination barely 90 minutes by Tohoku Shinkansen bullet train from Tokyo. Having sampled the best of the Japanese capital, ven…

Editor's letter
Time for a new bureau, we thought. But with so many great places to choose from, where would prove to be the perfect fit? It’s been a tough decision process but now our editor in chief can reveal the city that’s won us over…

The opener
Fear of a mirthless retail future, media in Marrakech, pigeons in Aarhus and the FCC in HK: an appealing assortment from all corners of the world.

Read on
With Finland’s love of libraries well established, we head to a Helsinki haunt that typifies the country’s bookish ways.

'Tis the season
Once a twinkle in Hong Kong’s eye, its festive obsession has grown into an all-out spectacle.

Love story
Lorin Stein, critic and editor, on his default setting – reading – and why he’s more committed to ‘The Paris Review’ than ever.

The vision thing
From a state-of-the-art concert hall to an international court and the murkiest waters of diplomacy, we meet the leaders who trust their instincts in tricky times.

Cities briefing
Zurich is considering artificial islands to house its growing population and there’s a global push to unearth forgotten rivers.

...and many more!

Monocle preview: December/January issue 2017 from Monocle Films on Vimeo.

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